Have you ever wanted to understand, truly understand, the great masterpieces of the classical world, those grand and mysterious texts that shaped the world we know? Or perhaps you have found yourself wondering about the lives and ideas of the greatest minds of the ancient world, men like Socrates, Homer, Sophocles, Thucydides, and Aristotle?

The Essential Greeks video course is an online series of virtual lessons designed for people who, in the words of Aristotle, desire to know.

This ten part video course takes you back to the days of ancient Greece, when literature, philosophy, theatre, and historiography were still being forged in the cradle of Western civilization.

Broken up into accessible lessons, The Essential Greeks guides you through the ages as you explore the lives and literature of the most celebrated figures from classical antiquity.

The Essential Greeks video course includes…

  • Hours of engaging documentary style videos covering the most important ancient Greeks from Homer to Aristotle,
  • Lesson quizzes that allow you to test your mastery of the material,
  • Downloadable biographies and lesson transcripts,
  • Access to The Essential Greeks virtual forum where you can discuss the topics with other subscribers…

With The Essential Greeks video course, you can, at long last, truly understand the insights, themes, and history behind the most influential figures of the ancient world.

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Essential Greeks

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The Essential Greeks is a ten part video course that guides you through the days of ancient Greece where men like Socrates, Homer, Thucydides, Sophocles, and Aristotle laid the foundation for two thousand years of intellectual progress. The virtual course is broken up into chapters, each focusing on the life and literature of a different Greek thinker. Each section includes a documentary style video, lesson quiz, downloadable biographies and lesson transcript, as well as virtual forum topics. The ten segments are divided into four lessons, plus a quiz, creating 50 subsections in total.

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