Essential Greeks

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The Essential Greeks is a ten part video course that guides you through the days of ancient Greece where men like Socrates, Homer, Thucydides, Sophocles, and Aristotle laid the foundation for two thousand years of intellectual progress. The virtual course is broken up into chapters, each focusing on the life and literature of a different Greek thinker. Each section includes a documentary style video, lesson quiz, downloadable biographies and lesson transcript, as well as virtual forum topics. The ten segments are divided into four lessons, plus a quiz, creating 50 subsections in total.


Homer: Xenia

Xenia has been broadly interpreted as comprising aspects of hospitality and generosity directed towards foreigners, or for those living in Ancient Greek city­states, those not from your town. However, it was more than merely a set of manners and social customs, but actually a religious ritual which placed demands both on hosts and guests.


Homer: Odyssey

With twenty years of war, wanderings, bloodcurdling encounters with monsters, and a literal trip to hell, The Odyssey by Homer, has become one of the most celebrated classical texts of the Western world. Whether you are a long-time classical enthusiasts, or are newcomer to the genre, here is a tale that is bound to excite and inspire your adventurous spirit.



Soldier, philosopher, gadfly- Socrates has been called many things. However, he is probably best known for the title “The Father of Western Philosophy”. An intellectual who would inspire more than two thousand years of philosophical pursuits, Socrates remains one of the most cherished figures from the classical world. Click on this module to learn about The Father of Western Philosophy and his pursuit of “an examined life”.



Aristotle is often considered to be the greatest philosopher of all time-period. He is remembered for his expansive works which touch on everything from the movement of the cosmos, to the structure of the human soul, to the purpose of a human life. Click on this module to learn more about this impressive philosopher and his masterpiece of ethical philosophy, The Nicomachean Ethics.