How do we square Aristotle's views on slavery and women?

DiscussionCategory: QuestionsHow do we square Aristotle's views on slavery and women?
Sam Rodan Staff asked 1 year ago

Not only did women ‘have less teeth’, Aristotle wrote that some are, “congenitally incapable of reasoning,” and thus are ‘natural slaves’. He also stated that those, “who are superior in goodness ought to rule over and be the master of his inferiors”. How can we respect a philosopher who held these beliefs?

kaplanjana replied 1 year ago

If Aristotle was alive today he would fit right in with the MRA groups (Mens Rights’ Activist Groups). I believe we need to look at his opinion as if we were in his time period…..I also cannot speak to the women he interacted with, but perhaps he met some really dumb chicks that were not on his level. ??? Who knows. It’s a bleak, weak suggestion. Do I respect him a little less because of it? Yes, but I can still agree with what his contributions to society mean today. And slavery? Slavery was a Thing in his day, and I am guessing he observed some unhappy slaves.