What is the BEST translation of Homer?

DiscussionCategory: QuestionsWhat is the BEST translation of Homer?
Sam Rodan Staff asked 2 years ago

Obviously translation MATTERS… so which is the best translation of Homer’s epics… and why?

colophyl67 replied 2 years ago

Robert Fagles

raytwalker replied 2 years ago

Perhaps it is simply because it was the first translation of the Iliad that I read but Sir Alexander Popes translation has always stuck with me. Others have perhaps smoothed things out but I do not mind things a little prickly.

juddmcb12 replied 2 years ago

I love the Robert Fagles translation, too. It is lean and taut and it sounds great in its audiobook form (with Ian McKellen reading!), as well as on the page. I have enjoyed the Lattimore and Fitzgerald versions back in college days. I haven’t yet warmed to the Emily Wilson translation, but I will try it a few more times. My initial impression has been disappointment that it seems less elevated in its rhetoric, but this is only my first take after picking it up a couple of times.

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Elle Smith answered 2 years ago

Emily Wilson!