What is the BEST translation of Homer?

DiscussionCategory: QuestionsWhat is the BEST translation of Homer?
Sam Rodan Staff asked 12 months ago

Obviously translation MATTERS… so which is the best translation of Homer’s epics… and why?

colophyl67 replied 10 months ago

Robert Fagles

raytwalker replied 10 months ago

Perhaps it is simply because it was the first translation of the Iliad that I read but Sir Alexander Popes translation has always stuck with me. Others have perhaps smoothed things out but I do not mind things a little prickly.

juddmcb12 replied 9 months ago

I love the Robert Fagles translation, too. It is lean and taut and it sounds great in its audiobook form (with Ian McKellen reading!), as well as on the page. I have enjoyed the Lattimore and Fitzgerald versions back in college days. I haven’t yet warmed to the Emily Wilson translation, but I will try it a few more times. My initial impression has been disappointment that it seems less elevated in its rhetoric, but this is only my first take after picking it up a couple of times.

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Elle Smith answered 11 months ago

Emily Wilson!