Symposium 2020: Power and Politics

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Immerse yourself in the Classical World for an experience of wit and wisdom (and wine!) that will return you to the modern world refreshed and inspired by the Ancients.

Watch our online conference filled with inspiring conversation with leading authors and distinguished professors in Ancient History, Philosophy and Mythology – all focused on the important topic of power and politics. Classical Wisdom's Inaugural Symposium features a series of excellent and engaging presentations, as well as two panel discussions.

You can also enjoy the wine tasting presentations, where our expert wine sommelier discusses important historical and cultural insights on mediterranean wines… We'll even send wine pairing suggestions so you can join along!

Day one's panel focuses on history, asking how has the concept of power changed throughout time? What does power look like in leaders, mythology or states? And how does the mythology of power impact us today? Day two's discussion concentrates more on the philosophical side of our Symposium's theme and asks: what power does the individual have in politics? Where and how can we be political? And what should we do if we can't be involved?

Our Attendees Loved the Symposium

“The symposium was all we were expecting and more. The chance to hear so many perspectives on important issues and from such qualified and charismatic individuals was a great gift.” – Claudia

“I’ve been watching the symposium all day and having a great time with it. Loved the myth/superhero/GW-cherry-tree comparison in the panel discussion they are doing now.” – Mel H

“Many thanks to all the organizers and presenters in the weekend symposium. It was stellar. For my wife (who has an undergraduate degree in Classics) and I (who have read the Symposium many times, even in Greek), this event was a thrill, a great event. The wine commentary segments were splendid, as was the wine itself. Many kudos and thanks,” – Randolph


A Full Event, covering mythology, philosophy, history and more…

Day 1 of Classical Wisdom's Symposium 2020: Power and Politics

Liz Gloyn | Monsters, Power And Control
Neville Morley | Thucydides, Power and Negotiation
Lisa Anderson-Zhu | Power and Politics in Art
James Romm | Philosophers, Kings, and Philosopher-kings
Michael Fontaine | How to Drink: A Classical Guide to Imbibing
Wine Tasting | Bonner Private Wine Club
PANEL: How Has the Concept of Power Changed? | Liz Gloyn, Neville Morley and James S Romm

Day 2 of Classical Wisdom's Symposium 2020: Power and Politics

Adriel M. Trott | How Slavery Threatens the “Political” in Aristotle's Polis
Donald Robertson | Politics and Anger in Marcus Aurelius
Mary Townsend | Power and Pleonexia: The Desire for More
Aaron Smith | Morality and Political Power
Mary Naples | The Thesmophoria: Feminine Consciousness in Ancient Greece
Massimo Pigliucci | How to be a Stoic when facing modern politics
Wine Tasting | Bonner Private Wine Club
PANEL: What Power Does the Individual have in Politics? | A.A. Long, Massimo Pigliucci and Donald Robertson

Attendees could not rave about the experience enough!


“It was a stimulating two days, very invigorating in these times that can be draining! Thank you so much for the huge effort it took to organize such a conference. warm regards,” – Clare

“Thanks for putting this together. I enjoyed considering some different perspectives and reunition with some ideas I have not focused on recently in particular Ayn Rand's selfishness.” – Allen

“We have enjoyed the symposium immensely! Thanks for putting it together, you reached through me a couple of two teenagers that were mesmerized by some of your presenters… we are even reading as a family Mr. Pigliucci’s book.” – Reyes


It was truly an event of ideas and ideals…

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