Symposium 2021: The End of Empires

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History doesn't repeat itself, but it certainly does rhyme. Empires end and nations fail… because nothing lasts forever.

But the only way we can discover where we are – and where we are going – is by understanding where we have been.

We brought together the most brilliant minds to delve into this essential issue… on one stage… to discover how Empires end and Nations fall… and what these means for us today.

Attendees raved about the weekend:

“It was relevant, challenging, and engaging.”

“I am still in awe about the Symposium: such rich content!”

“The symposium was totally off the chart awesome……I sat there transfixed almost the whole time”

“I have just viewed your symposium's first panel session. What an absolutely wonderful experience!”

“This was my first symposium and I was not sure what to expect, and it was awesome. Every speaker was edifying and inspiring. I loved it!”

Click below to access this year's Classical Wisdom 2021 Symposium: The End of Empires and the Fall of Nations… and watch the most celebrated historians, best-selling authors, classicists and philosophers talk on this essential topic.

Here is just a sample of some of the great presentations given:

Edith Hall | Ozymandias in the 21st century
Paul Cartledge | Thebes: the forgotten city of ancient Greece
Victor Davis Hanson | Why did the Free City State Disappear?
Niall Ferguson | DOOM: The Politics of Catastrophe in the Ancient and Modern Worlds.
Angie Hobbs | Decline and Fall: Plato on the Collapse of Empires and States.
Helene Foley | The Evolution of the Divine Empire
Barry Strauss | How Caesar Ruined a Republic and Started an Empire

As well as Panel discussions:

Listen to professors from Harvard, Cambridge, and Cornell… thinkers from the Hoover Institute… and regular BBC guests in this fantastic two-day Symposium for only $49.95.

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