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This course is now enrolling. If you want to learn how to approach life like Socrates, have the perspectives of Thucydides or insights of Aristotle this is the course for you. Join me as we explore the life, philosophy, and literature of the Essential Greeks. And relax, it's risk free: you have a 30 day money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Who is this course for? Anyone who's interested in Greek philosophy, history, or literature. If you're a complete newcomer this course will provide the perfect introduction to the most essential ancient Greeks. Even if you've read a lot of books on Greek history, though, you'll still benefit from these new resources and by exploring a fresh perspective on the subject. The benefits you'll obtain are a deeper understanding of the ancient world and the invaluable lessons found in the classics.

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Start Date: WEDNESDAY, JUNE 16th, 2021. You'll have immediate access to all the videos and other material in the Welcome section on enrollment. Live webinars and a Q&A session with an expert is included throughout (see below for details).

Duration: Six weeks. The core content requires about thirty hours to complete on average, spread over a preliminary welcome period plus six weeks. However, there are also many hours of additional optional content included. NB: You also have the option, though, of completing this course self-paced, working through the content in your own time and watching recordings of the webinars.

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Bonus: You'll receive a free e-book, The Essential Greeks, which we've carefully edited and designed for use on all devices. This comes in EPUB, Kindle (MOBI) and PDF file formats.


This course consists of 10 lessons, each divided into 4 easy to watch video recordings, articles, biographies, group discussion questions for the forum, and short interactive knowledge check questions to aid learning and retention. It includes a full foundational understanding to the most essential Greek thinkers, historians, and writers of the Classical world. Plus, you will be privy to Live Webinars, Q&A sessions with an expert and regular check ins.

BONUS: You will receive your own complimentary Ebook, The Essential Greeks, which includes commentary, introductions as well as the original texts discussed in the course.

Welcome: Before we Even Begin

As soon as you enroll you will be able to download your complimentary E-book, as well as the biographies and additional reading materials. You will be sent a link for the introductory Webinar, which will take place on WEDNESDAY, JUNE 16th, 2021. If you are not available for the LIVE webinar, do not worry! You will receive a recording of the webinar afterwards. You can also send in any questions you may have in advance and they will be answered.

Week One: Introduction and Homer

We will begin with the beginning, at least according to the Ancient Greeks! We focus on the main theme of Xenia in Homer’s epics – as well as tackle the great poet (him)self! Includes: Videos, reading, discussion, knowledge-check quiz, introductory webinar, plus bonus material.

Week Two: The Odyssey and Aeschylus

This week covers Homer’s great epic poem, the Odyssey. Whether you are a long-time classical enthusiasts, or are newcomer to the genre, it is a tale that is bound to excite and inspire your adventurous spirit. We then begin our segment one the tragedians with the earliest extant playwright, and the 'Father of Tragedy', Aeschylus. Includes: Videos, reading, discussion, and knowledge-check quiz, plus bonus material.

Week Three: Sophocles and Euripides

This section continues with the great tragedians. This covers one of the most beloved, as well as the most awarded, playwrights of ancient Greece, Sophocles, as well as the ‘enfant terrible’ of the theater scene of classical Athens, Euripides. This segment will conclude with a Q&A LIVE webinar with an expert. If you are not available for the Q&A – don’t worry, you will be sent a recording afterwards and you can even submit your own questions in advance. Includes: Videos, reading, discussion, knowledge-check quiz, and Q&A with an expert plus bonus material.

Week Four: Socrates and Plato

This section focuses on the intellectual who would inspire more than two thousand years of philosophical pursuits and who remains one of the most cherished figures from the classical world, Socrates. It concludes with his famous student and successor, Plato, and his examination of Love. Includes: Videos, reading, discussion, knowledge-check quiz, and bonus material.

Week Five: Herodotus and Thucydides

Next we delve into History and the historians who made it happen. We begin with “The Father of History” or occasionally also known as “The Father of Lies”, Herodotus, who remains to this day a controversial figure. We continue with the author of the History of the Peloponnesian War, Thucydides. Includes: Videos, reading, discussion, knowledge-check quiz, and bonus material.

Week Six: Aristotle and Conclusion

We finish our six week course with the man often considered to be the greatest philosopher of all time-period. Aristotle is remembered for his expansive works which touch on everything from the movement of the cosmos, to the structure of the human soul, to the purpose of a human life. We conclude with a check in Webinar and an opportunity to discuss in depth the philosophers, historians, tragedians and writers of the ancient Greek world. Includes: Videos, reading, discussion, knowledge-check quiz, and check in webinar and final philosopher’s circle.

Enjoyable for all levels of Classics knowledge and complete with additional materials, The Essential Greeks Course will give you a concrete foundation and overview of the essential Greeks from Homer to Aristotle.

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